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Frost Wire has the ability to play media, share files and act as a library, all as one application! However, FrostWire makes this search easy by giving users a large number of Torrent lists, protocols, links, and extensions. It’s constantly improving and I can always easily find what I need. In essence, it is a peer-to-peer file sharing app, with similarities to the now defunct Limewire software. RNE En Directo. Check out thousands of free music and other downloads and content reviews.


Download FrostWire for Windows 10 (64/32 bit). PC/laptop – Description


Many artists and songs to choose from. FrostWire has been around for quite some time. Over 10 years! During those years they have improved on many features. This app makes it great for all in one sharing and is highly recommended. You can install the offline installer setup to take all your files with you on the go.

It makes it easy if you haven’t worked with torrent transfers before. This is a big plus. This is a terrific app for media alone. Having all your files with you and searches too in one place is huge. Especially if you are on the go. It lets you send large files and folders for free. Completely safe and virus free! So fast and easy, you can download files with just one click.

What are you waiting for? Download this to make your life that much easier. There is also a download available for Mac and your Android. So many great features for free. Time to start sharing! FrostWire 5. FrostWire 6. Frost Wire has the ability to play media, share files and act as a library, all as one application!

The current version is the result of over ten years work and development. This is probably my Favorite App. Yes folks you dont have to be ripped off by Amazon and other apps with ridiculous prices per song.

I have a very diverse taste in Music, if I,feel it or relate to it I like it. I have found everything I have searched for,takes more than one try sometimes, but so what, its free work a little and you’ll find what you’re into. I have been having an issue where music I download redownloads multiple times, crashing the app for a few minutes.

I’ve been patient with it, but just now the app crashed for over ten minutes, and when I was able to get back on, new songs redownloaded multiple times.

There were 31 copies of one song alone! I’m a bit fed up and will reconsider using Frostwire if this issue continues for much longer or worsens. PicoTorrent 0. NET 0. Sonarr 2. BitTorrent 7. Inline Feedbacks. Free Download. Share with Friends. It also features a built-in search of multiple torrent trackers and websites, download preview and file format selection. Now with a FrostWire Plus for Android available free from frostwire. FrostWire was first released as a fork of LimeWire over 10 years ago and has evolved tremendously to become one of the most popular free and open-source file-sharing programs in the world.

The app connects to many different torrent search engines and websites, including YouTube, to find the files you are looking for – all in one place. Fast and Easy Downloads Download any file with one click. On a desktop, you can even hand-pick single files from torrent transfers or preview files before you download.

Create and share playlists. Share Your Files Whether you want to transfer files to your phone, share them with just your friends over local wi-fi, or create a torrent to share with the entire world. Download Free Music Browse through Frost Wire’s favorite featured artists sharing their music with you under Creative Commons or check out thousands of free downloads and content reviews from FrostClick.

Note : Requires Java Runtime Environment. Download FrostWire Latest Version.