The drug Sustanon and indications for its use

  • Publicación de la entrada:17 mayo 2022

Every bodybuilder strives to maintain an ideal shape and constantly develop muscle groups to make the body even more enduring and strong. At the same time, regular training, as well as proper nutrition can be insufficient to achieve the desired result. Taking sustanon in this case would be the best solution because the drug contains a mix of esters of the male sex hormone. As a result, you can gain muscle mass and improve your muscles in a very short time. By going to this link you can see the range of sustanon preparations.

Sustanon: composition of the drug and the effects of taking it

Testosterone ester mix has long been successfully used in sports practice. Initially, the use of doping was allowed at the state level, and only in recent decades, the Olympic Committee closely monitors the absence of prohibited substances in the blood. At the same time athletes only need to precisely calculate the timing of the substances’ elimination from the body in order to prepare for competition in the best possible way. The etheric form of testosterone was not randomly selected. Testosterone is very stable, so its anabolic effects may last much longer. An additional advantage is that a number of esters are used for the production of sustanon in optimal dosages:

  • Isocapronate – 60 mg;
  • Decanoate – 100 mg;
  • phenylpropionate 60 mg;
  • propionate 30 mg.

The action of this mix is primarily aimed at building muscle mass and increasing endurance. Also, sustanon allows you to discover additional strength, which will help to take new weight during training, preparing muscles for increased loads during competitions. The active ingredients will ensure the growth of muscle structure throughout the duration of the drug. After injection the substances begin to accumulate in the bloodstream sequentially, which eliminates a jump in testosterone concentration and improves the effect of the drug.

During the course, the athlete manages to get a great appetite, which is important, because proper nutrition will guarantee increased weight gain. The drug helps:

  • maintain a high concentration of testosterone;
  • block catabolic processes;
  • gain quality muscle mass.

Results become evident after the first use of injections. You only need to consult a physician who will prescribe the optimal dosage.

Advice from Experienced Athletes on Taking Sustanon

If the athlete does not have many years of experience in using steroids, it is better to start with a small concentration of the substance, the amount of which does not exceed 250 mg of ester mix per week. In this case, the risk of negative effects is reduced, and the results of the mass-gathering course remain high. At the same time, athletes whose bodies have already gotten used to taking steroids can increase the dosage to an impressive 500 mg per week. A further increase in dosage may lead to negative reactions in the body.